Post: How Many Inches?

Belt lengths vary from individual to individual. Yours may differ from that of the next person, but there are certain pointers you can take note of to ensure that right fit.

Taking the mystery out of belt lengths and stand out as a man who dresses well. This useful guide should get you sorted!

belt length article

  • After fastening your belt, check to make sure that there are a few inches left of it to tuck under the first loop. If you’re unsure, short is always better than long. Tail ends that are too long make you look awkward!
  • Ordering your belt two inches larger than your pants size isn’t the most accurate method, but it gives a good gauge. If it feels a bit tight when it’s worn, fret not! Contrary to popular belief, belts feel that way when they’re worn properly.
  • If you already have a belt that is fits you well, measure it! To do this:

1. Lay your belt on a flat surface

2. With a measuring tape, measure from the point where the buckle and belt meet, to the hole on the belt that your normally use. Congratulations! You now have your belt size.

3. If you have lost or gained weight recently and think there might be a change in belt size, add or minus an inch from that measurement to get your new size.

  • Note: It typically takes at least a year of daily use for premium quality belts to stretch up to a quarter of an inch.

Further questions? Simply get in touch with the belt professionals at Aquila Fashions!

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