Colossal replacement belt straps for 45mm close end buckle

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Really humongous

Blue mock croc belt made for colossal 45mm Ferragamo close end buckle! And I thought my 吳 (Goh) buckle was humongous at 35mm.

From the upside down brand name engraved, you can tell the buckle is meant for ladies, to be worn in clockwise direction.

All of AQUILA’s replacement belt straps are made of full grain leather only. No PU, no PVC, no mix, no alternatives.

Is your buckle close end or open end

Close end examples

We can see that close end buckles are not regular clip and go buckles. Collectively, we refer to this type of belt/buckle structure as close end belts.

  • salvatore ferragamo reversible belt
  • replacement leather for ferragamo belt
  • ferragamo leather belt without buckle

From the photo with the natural colour vegetable tanned leather belt, we can see that most close end buckles require belts with a single hole at the head end of the belt.

We can also make close end replacement belts with an extended nose.

Open end examples

Open end buckles are usually clip and go buckles or buckles that require a flat leather attachment piece, loops and screws.

  • ferragamo leather belt without buckle
  • ferragamo leather belt strap replacement
  • ferragamo replacement belt

Home > replacement belt straps > current page

Getting started!

Replacing your belt is an easy task, really. However, it may be daunting to a gentleman who has never done it before.

But fret not! We will take you step by step in order that your belt will fit not only the length you require, but also the width of your buckle.

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Close end belts from other brands

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Close end belt structure

Our custom buckle examples:

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Home > replacement belt straps > current page

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