A glimpse into Aquila’s custom made shoes process

Here at Aquila, we cater to a variety of customers, from customers with exotic tastes to customers with wide feet.

Taking measurements

The length and width of our customers are taken.

custom leather shoes singapore

custom made leather shoes singapore

Determining the correct shoe last size

A balance has to be struck between the length and the width when determining the correct shoe last size to use. The shape of the toebox is also taken into consideration.

aquila shoes

The best fit shoe last for tapered front shoes, is the one that measures 2.5cm-3.5cm longer than the feet length measured. For rounded or square toe box shoes, a shoe last of about 1cm-1.5cm longer than measured feet length is more than enough.

custom leather shoes singapore

custom made shoes singapore

Sometimes we do use wooden shoe lasts when it fits our customers’ feet. Their shape and sizes are less consistent than plastic shoe lasts. As a result, sieving through the many wooden shoe lasts might yield a shape and size that fits our customer’s feet.

custom leather shoes singapore

Paper die for the various shoe parts assembled.

custom made shoes singapore

Tracing the vamp out on the dark brown suede leather.

custom made shoes singapore

custom leather shoes singapore

A pair of green Aquila loafers with the wooden shoe last in it.

aquila shoes

A pair of good year welt oxfords with the shoe lasts in it.

Belt and shoes package

custom leather shoes singapore

Are you able to identify the parts made of the exact same leather in this loafers belt set?

custom leather shoes singapore

Customer collecting his shoes and belt. He chose a different buckle in the end.

Visit us!

We look forward to serving you! Please see our catalogue of shoes here!

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