AQUILA’s green statement!

Aquila Fashions is on a quest to leave less rubbish behind us and we would like to invite you to join us too!

So, things to take note:

1. Whenever possible, we will post using only paper boxes without the use of plastic wraps! Less plastic = less non-biodegradable rubbish.

2. It would be great if you could bring your own shopping bag to our factory! We won’t need to use yet another plastic bag! (Every one less plastic used counts!)

See what plastic does:


3. We make our products from full-grain leather so that they last a really long time, requiring our customers to throw less away :))

4. Last, we appreciate and thank customers who buy our defining product, ie full grain leather belts, in order that they may reuse their buckles even though they may not be unique nor branded. It seems but a small gesture on your part, but we see a volume sufficiently high to conclude that we help the world reduce the number of unnecessary new buckles that would have to be made.

Let’s work together towards a more sustainable world using long lasting products! Huzzah!

All of us at Aquila Fashions

Green statement-01

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