1.5 inch leather belt straps: double pin buckle!

mens 1.5 inch leather belt

So full of myself! 10 holes all hand punched. My goodness, such precision required! This double pin buckle is to be used for golf and he needed a nice blue belt strap to go with his usual golfing outfit and yes SHOES! Is it a pair of custom leather shoes as usual? Nah don’t think so. For golf, he said already. Hehe. Unless folks bespoke custom made shoes for golf, do they?

Please look at our detailed instructions for purchasing replacement belt straps without buckles at our replace 1.5 inch leather belt strap page.

Feel free to inquire with keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory!

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

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