Buying a belt to match LLYR shoes!

bespoke leather shoes singapore


The very photo of a customer’s LLYR shoes whatsapped to us! You probably guessed it, he needs a matching belt of the same colour! Off the photo itself, we will not know if we the tan colour belts we have will match this new pair of off-the-rack shoes, or bespoke leather shoes, or a pair of well-worn seasoned leather shoes, exactly. This is because screen colours are inaccurate, a point we make very clearly to all our customers. Therefore, our factory is open to anyone who’ll like to bring their shoes, bespoke or otherwise, over to us to compare with our raw leather physically!

See our tan and brown colour leather belts here:

Customize your full-grain leather mens belts by visiting our Build your own belt” page.

Feel free to email or drop by our factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

You can also find us at:

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