40mm (1.5 inch) red casual Italian leather belt w buckle 40309r, SGD 90.00

mens red leather belt

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(Please screenshot this section for live chat)

Belt details:

  • Belt model: IS-40309r-RD
  • Belt width: 40mm with buckle model 40309r
  • Surface: red full grain cow/buffalo saddle leather imported from Italy
  • As full grain leather is a natural product, blemishes such as scars, creases, mould and stains are unavoidable.
  • Additional note: We are flattered that while building this 1.5 inch mens leather belt online with us, our customer specifically asked that our Aquila logo be there : D

To order

3 simple steps:

  1. Take screenshots of the relevant details
  2. Circle / tick the required fields in screenshots during live chat with our tailors at:
  3. We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat

True length

(Please screenshot this section and indicate during live chat)

Measure L (in inches) of a belt you are currently using:

how to measure belt size in inches
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)

Looking forward to receiving you : D

Home > leather belt categories > leather casual belts  > current page

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