30mm veg tanned leather belt with vintage buckle 30299, SGD 180.00

vegetable tanned leather belt

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(Please screenshot this section for live chat)

Belt details:

  • Belt model: PR-30299-NT
  • Belt width: 30mm with vintage buckle model 30299
  • Top surface: natural colour full grain cow/buffalo vegetable tanned leather
  • Reverse surface: black, brown or cream colour full grain cow/buffalo leather at our craftsmen’s discretion
  • As full grain leather is a natural product, blemishes such as scars, creases, mould and stains are unavoidable.
  • Additional note: This leather belt is the product of a boring day. Having fixed a few “normal” buckles for a few “normal” black belts to fulfill orders, we thought we’ll try something new to keep the brain alive. The vegetable tanned leather belt in full business belt style complete with stitches is fitted literally with a vintage buckle for an alternative look. The stripes and circles cut into the solid brass plate on this vintage buckle “moves” when light reflected off the surface shifts when viewed from different angles.

To order

3 simple steps:

  1. Take screenshots of the relevant details
  2. Circle / tick the required fields in screenshots during live chat with our tailors at:
  3. We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat

True length

(Please screenshot this section and indicate during live chat)

Measure L (in inches) of a belt you are currently using:

how to measure belt size in inches
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 15.00)
(+SGD 30.00)
(+SGD 30.00)
(+SGD 30.00)
(+SGD 40.00)
(+SGD 40.00)
(+SGD 40.00)

Looking forward to receiving you : D

Home > leather belt categories > leather casual belts  > current page

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