30mm with edge stitching, SGD 50.00, leather belts for big guys

This leather belt model brings back the good ole times, sporting buckles that are really the few remaining treasures from the past that one of our buckle suppliers still kept. The stripes and circles cut into the solid brass plate on this vintage buckle “moves” when light reflected off the surface shifts when viewed from different angles.


  • Black colour
  • Has stitching along the edges
  • Belt and buckle width: 30mm
  • This model has lengths that are suitable for belt for big guys
  • Made of full-grain leather no less. No PVC, no PU, no leather alternatives.
  • Made in Singapore by Singaporeans

belts for men singapore

Price list

Prices stated are valid for seven days from date of post.



Premium regular


Premium calf


Premium Italian


up to 40″ SGD 50.00 SGD 80.00 SGD 95.00
41″ – 48″ SGD 65.00 SGD 95.00 please inquire for availability
49″ – 54″ SGD 80.00 SGD 110.00 length unavailable
55″ – 65″ SGD 95.00 SGD 120.00 length unavailable

Customize your own belt

See the same buckle 30299 with a vegetable tanned leather belt.

vegetable tanned leather belt blanks

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