30mm black saffiano leather belt, SGD 80.00

This saffiano leather belt was built by our customer (please see “Build your own belt” at the top or at the side of this page), and it certainly raised our eyebrows. We have an entire catalogue of regular nickel/silver colour buckles to choose from but our customer actually chose a brass colour buckle to go with his saffiano belt instead. It’s a pity we never met him because this order was done completely via direct messaging, otherwise it would be great to meet him and find out his dress style.

We are glad that our saffiano leather collection is available in plus size.


  • Black colour saffiano leather belt
  • Made of full-grain buffalo hide, embossed with saffiano pattern
  • Has stitching along the edges
  • Belt and buckle width: 30mm
  • Plus size belts are available for this model
  • Made in Singapore by Singaporeans

saffiano leather belt

Price list

Prices stated are valid for seven days from date of post.



Saffiano leather belt


up to 40″ SGD 80.00
41″ – 48″ SGD 95.00
49″ – 54″ SGD 110.00
55″ – 65″ SGD 120.00

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