Braun Buffel business leather belt blanks

This is the single Braun Buffel buckle model that comes through our doors most frequently. We also frequently mail belts out solely for this buckle model to our customers without seeing the customer nor the buckle. This time round we’ve the opportunity to take a photo of this buckle with a saffiano leather belt blank.

black leather belt blanks

Beyond the worn out belt with the top layer peeling away, the original belt is one that is semi casual, without stitches along the edge.

Our customer decided that she wanted her boyfriend to wear a more formal business looking belt, therefore she decided on the black saffiano belt.

Customers need not bring their Braun Buffel buckles over to us at our factory. For instructions on replacing your old leather belt with a brand new one online, please follow these steps:

  1. go to
  2. under category “Replacement straps”, click on sub-category “For clip buckles & bare buckles
  3. browse and click on the desired colour and design. (The belt featured in this post is the Black Saffiano.) 
  4. Follow the instructions for length, width etc.

We ship internationally.

black leather belt blanks

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