This Braun Buffel buckle again!

Here we gooo-O-O! A Braun Buffel buckle retrofitted with a brand new leather belt blank. Let us take a look at the original belt:

black leather belt blanks

The original belt was a PU/leather alternative one, and that is why you see all that peeling. Our customer left our factory happy with a brand new full-grain Italian leather belt blank, re-emphasize: made of leather imported directly from Italy.

full grain leather belt blanks

Earlier on we had the same buckle come in and our customer chose a black saffiano leather belt instead of an original look-alike. Here it is:

black leather belt blanks

Moo moo grazing on a saffiano plain.

Feel free to explore ideas with us when choosing a replacement leather belt for your Braun Buffel buckle!

Customers need not bring their Braun Buffel buckles over to us at our factory. For instructions on replacing your old leather belt with a brand new one online, please follow these steps:

  1. go to
  2. under category “Replacement straps”, click on sub-category “For clip buckles & bare buckles
  3. browse and click on the desired colour and design. (The belts featured in this post are the Black Stitchless Italian, Black Stitchless Regular and Black saffiano) 
  4. Follow the instructions for length, width etc. 
  5. Note: the default tail end of our belts is pointy (third photo in this post). For duck tongue tail ends (first photo at the top), please inquire with

in the menu at the top or at the side of this page.

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