Full grain leather reversible replacement belts

Basic reversible belt with natural grain.


reversible belt singapore

Smooth reversible belt. Black side made of black calf leather.


reversible belt singapore

Getting started!

Please follow the step-by-step instructions below to have your belt replaced through a mail order. The simple copy and paste order form titled “Order form” can be found right at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, feel free to bring your belt and buckle to our factory!

Step 1: belt structure

Is your leather belt strap open ended or close ended:

Open-end: One end of the belt plays no aesthetic function and can be shortened. Eg, most regular belts, and they have buckles with a clip that bites onto the belt. Sometimes, the belts may be stitched directly onto the buckles because that end plays no aesthetic function except to hold the belt onto the buckle. It can still be unstitched and shortened and are considered open ended nevertheless.

Close-end: Both ends of the belt are sealed and play an aesthetic function. The length is precise. Shortening these belts require special attention, to reseal the cut end properly and to dye the exposed edges. Eg, Dunhill belts, Hermes belts, LV belts, Yves Saint Laurent belts etc.

genuine leather belts singapore

genuine leather belts singapore

Step 2: belt strap width

What is the width of your current leather belt strap? Please round up to the nearest millimetre (28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 35mm).

Step 3: basic model or smooth model

Decide on the basic model with natural grains or smooth leather model.

Step 4: length

The length to purchase is best based on the length of the belt you currently use. Please ensure that the old belt you are measuring is not one that you have not used in years and that may be too short for you now.

Open-end: Measure the length (L) of your current leather belt strap from the end of the belt, excluding the buckle, to the hole that you use most often, as shown in the diagrams. It does not matter if that hole is the hole in the center or not. The rationale is to measure the actual length that you wear.

Close-end: Measure the length of your current leather belt from the pin to the most used hole. It does not matter if that hole is the hole in the center or not.

genuine leather belts singapore

genuine leather belts singapore

Our waist size is not an accurate length because most people wear their belts close to the hips, rather than directly on the waist. Please indicate the desired length in inches.

Step 5: other information

Please provide other information if necessary. For example, do indicate if your leather belt requires more holes in order to screw the the buckle onto the belt strap. Feel free to amend and email us the diagrams above and add in the necessary dimensions where required.

Step 6: Confirming your order

  1. Send order or place inquiries by emailing keching at keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or whasapping +65 96637673.
  2. Once all inquiries have been properly addressed and you are ready to confirm purchase, we will provide you with our bank account, PayNow or PayLah numbers. We accept PayPal for international orders.
  3. Most products are made to order and will take up to two weeks to day of postage. For time sensitive orders, eg gifts for birthdays, etc please give us at least two week’s notice as we have to factor in the amount of time mailing takes.
  4. For extremely urgent orders please make arrangements to collect your ready product directly at our factory.

Step 7: After sales support

If mail gets lost, Aquila Fashions will send you another belt accordingly. Just inform us that that you have not received your order.

Length of belt too long: arrange an appointment with us to have it shortened at our factory.

Length of belt too short: we welcome a one for one exchange, provided it is in re-saleable condition, ie absolutely no marks or signs of the belt having been worn. Applies to international customers as well.

If belt is in pristine condition, arrange an appointment with us to have it exchanged at our factory. For international customers, please arrange to ship belt back to us via any service that provides a tracking number. We will ship the second belt out to you as soon as we receive the first belt. Further shipping costs apply.

On reasonable grounds, Aquila Fashions reserves the rights to refuse any exchange/replacement etc.

Order form

Please order or place inquiries with Keching via:

  • keching@aquilafashions.com.sg
  • whatsapp +65 96637673
  • LineID kechingaling

Copy and paste

For your convenience, copy and paste the following in your email:

Step 1. structure of belt: open end/close end (delete accordingly)

Step 2. width: indicate (round figure up to nearest millimetre)

Step 3. model: indicate

Step 4. length: L = ? / L1 = ? / L2 = ? (fill in and/or delete accordingly)

Step 5. other information: indicate

There are no hard and fast rules, so please do not worry about mistakes. We will clarify with you all details before confirmation of order via payment is made.

*prices valid for 1 week from date of post.


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