SGD$5.00 discount off AQUILA® eco-friendly belts

AQUILA® is concerned about the sustainability of our products and hence are happy to announce a permanent discount promotion off all our eco-friendly belts. In short, no amount of alternative green materials come close to reducing waste, than to actually not use any raw materials at certain stages of production. AQUILA’s green statement.

The following photos share how AQUILA omits the use of edge dye, and in the process pass the savings on to customers in the form of a SGD$5.00 discount.

sustainable fashion singapore

The undyed edges of our eco-friendly belts save the earth from tons of chemicals. Green progress made in the chemicals industry, no matter how great, still throws toxicity into the environment and consumes energy.

eco friendly business singapore

Last but not least, we would like to paint an image of a world where the tens of millions of belts annually produced, and other products indeed, go without chemicals: how much would that save the environment in exchange for a teeny bit of refinement in the product sold.

sustainable fashion singapore

We look forward to customers opting into our vision, and discount(!), and choose AQUILA products.

Thank you!


The team at AQUILA

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