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This page features a fraction of the various colours and textures we have ever made for our customers’ Loewe buckles.

Our belts are made of full grain leather only. No PU, no PVC, no mix, no alternatives.

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32mm width

loewe replacement belt strap
loewe replacement leather belt

Aquila. Since 1980.

  • aquila shoes
  • silver belt buckle with initials
  • silver belt buckle with initials

Most requested colour: black

The most common requests are black and dark brown.

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  • loewe replacement leather belt
  • loewe leather belt replacement

Playing with colours and textures

When it comes to the Loewe buckles, there is pretty much a high degree of self expression by our customers in terms of colours and textures. It isn’t like a Braun Buffel buckle on which only black or dark brown belts fits.

Two purchase modes

We recommend the following two ways to have your old belt strap replaced fuss free:

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

We ship internationally. Send us photos of your buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

And we will handle the rest.

That’s it for now!

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