Replacement leather belts tailored to customers’ Ferragamo buckles

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The following is but a fraction of Ferragamo buckles that we at Aquila have replaced belts for, for our customers.

Two purchase modes

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

The ONE thing customers need to do is to send us photos of their buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat.

That’s it for now!

Aquila replacement belt straps

ferragamo replacement belt

Saffiano leather belts are a timeless classic that conceals scratches and that adds a subtle touch of class.

Our customer was resolute and came in knowing exactly what he needed, on his wife’s instructions.

This was because they had already browsed our site at home.

A lovely 25mm/1 inch skinny belt in saffiano for this ladies’ clip buckle.

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Another clip and go buckle with our brown Italian saddle leather belt.

Open the clip > remove the old Ferragamo belt > insert our brand new Aquila belt > clip > voila!

This belt may look almost the same as the immediately preceding belt.

However, it has neither a clip nor a clamp and requires a closed end replacement belt that has to have the both ends of the strap stitched up.

Customers can’t just shorten the belt by simply cutting the belt as per normal clip buckle belts.

Three belts featured. The first is the original belt with a short closed end nose.

The second natural vegetable tanned belt and third calfskin belt made by our tailors at Aquila sport a much longer nose.

Purpose: to conceal the five holes at the tail end of belt when tucked in from the underside. (Tail ends with their five holes are usually fastened above visibly or tucked in underneath.)

A humongous 45mm ladies’ Ferragamo buckle juxtaposed with Aquila chief designer’s already huge Goh custom buckle (custom buckle service to customers available in solid brass SGD 400.00, or silver or gold).

Back to the blue full grain cow/buffalo leather belt embossed with crocodile belly patterns tailored to the huge buckle to be worn on our customer’s waist.

We look forward to receiving you. Live chat with us to have your old Ferragamo belt replaced using our contact details right at the top of this page.

home > replacement belt straps > current page

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