Leather belt replacements tailored to customers’ Montblanc buckles

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Same few buckles

The following are but a fraction of the Montblanc buckles that have come through our doors and have their original belts replaced with Aquila full grain leather belts.

montblanc belt strap replacement
montblanc black saffiano leather belt
mont blanc belt leather replacement

All of Aquila’s belts are made of full grain leather.

Two purchase modes

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

The ONE thing customers need to do is to send us photos of their buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat.

That’s it for now!

Aquila replacement belt straps

We have, over decades, seen many buckles from the Montblanc brand being brought into our shop for servicing. Most of the time, they are the same few designs over and over as above.

Simple clip and go buckle

Replacing their old belts is typically swift as most of these buckles have clips. As such, when our customers knock on our doors, it is a clip and go situation in 3 simple steps:

  1. cutting down to size
  2. inserting into the buckle
  3. clip the belt

Due to the simplicity, most of our customers do not look us up. Instead, we mail them, both locally and internationally.

Other clip buckles

Please follow our instagram if we have value-added to your shopping experience!

Home > replacement belt straps > clip buckle > current page

Getting started

Replacing your belt is an easy task, really. However, it may be daunting to a gentleman who has never done it before.

But fret not! We will take you step by step in order that your belt will fit not only the length you require, but also the width of your buckle.

Black and dark brown

More often than not, our customers choose for their Montblanc buckles the following two colours:

After browsing our black and dark brown belts, please refer to the two modes of purchase as stated at the top of this page, ie:

  • walk-in directly at our factory or
  • live chat with our tailors

We look forward to receiving you : D

Home > replacement belt straps > clip buckle > current page

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