Replacement belt straps tailored to customers’ 1.5 inch Gucci buckles

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40mm (1.5 inch) bar buckles

gucci replacement leather belt
genuine ostrich leather belt
gucci replacement belt strap

*Prices valid for 1 month from date of post

Aquila. Since 1980.

  • aquila shoes
  • silver belt buckle with initials
  • silver belt buckle with initials

1.5 inch business belts

Apart from the proper shots above when given the opportunity, the following are some more 40mm width (1.5 inch) Gucci belts that we have serviced for our customers.

gucci replacement belt strap

We briefly introduce the bar and clip buckle structures, a detail which we will gather from you as you live chat with us further down this page.

Bar buckles

These buckles have a bar placed at the heel or in the center, both structures of which requires either:

  • direct stitching on belt, or
  • a leather attachment piece and screws.

Home > replacement belt straps > current page

Clip buckles

Customers need only open the clip, remove the old belt, insert the replacement belt and finally clip the new belt.

Regardless of the buckle types, the main characteristics centering the leather belt straps themselves are the rounded surface, tapered edges and stitching along the edges.

While these are common in the typical 30mm and 35mm width business belts, they are more difficult to find in 40mm / 1.5 inch widths, let alone in a variety of colours.

At Aquila, we tailor these belts all the time to our customers’ buckles, as well as to the true length our customers require.

All of AQUILA’s replacement belt straps are made of full grain leather only. No PU, no PVC, no mix, no alternatives.

Smart casual 1.5 inch belts

Golf belt example:

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Supporting AQUILA’s craftsmen

Home > replacement belt straps > current page

Two purchase modes

We recommend the following two ways to have your old belt strap replaced fuss free:

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

We ship internationally. Send us photos of your buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

And we will handle the rest.

That’s it for now!

Photos from a customer

Our enthusiastic customer had sent us these two photos, excited about having fixed his 1.5 inch belt to his buckle by himself after receiving our belt in the mail.

Indeed, all it took was for him to screw the belt on as everything was prepared for him right down to the last detail, including the leather attachment, screws and loops.

replace gucci belt

While he had fixed the belt correctly, he hadn’t fastened the belt properly, perhaps out of excitement lol.

The tail should have been inserted into the buckle bar, which would have covered the screws that is still visible in the photo.

We can’t ask for more! To have our customer affirm our service.

Look us up

We look forward to receiving you!

Aquila. Since 1980.

  • aquila shoes
  • silver belt buckle with initials
  • silver belt buckle with initials

Home > replacement belt straps > current page


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