Branded belts discarded with Aquila fills punching bags

Aquila has received positive feedback from her clients, when they find out that their old branded belt straps are used as fillings and stuffings for punching bags in commercial gyms, as well as private homes.

The Aquila reuse initiative

The Aquila reuse initiative is green in a meaningful way at three levels:

  • For every one buckle reused, it is one less buckle that need not be made.
  • All discarded branded belts handled by Aquila are used to fill punching bags.
  • All tailored Aquila replacement belts are made of full grain leather, and Aquila clients themselves return to us after an average of 4 to 6 years due to the inherent durability of full grain leather.

Handling hundreds of used branded belts yearly informs Aquila that her Reuse Initiative is a worthwhile and socially responsible service.

Some examples of branded belts handled by Aquila

Where used branded belts are processed

All discarded belts are processed at Aquila’s local factory, with our parent company Broadway Leather Company.


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