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Instant messaging & email

  • whatsapp: +65 96637673
  • email:

About Aquila

Brief history:

  • Third generation business
  • Started in the 1940’s by making gun holsters for the British police

Products & services

  • Both wholesale and individual retail sales welcomed
  • Full grain leather belts for both ladies and gentlemen
  • Replacement belt straps service
  • Customized buckles
  • Full grain leather plus size belts
  • Belt alternation, belt shortening and hole punching services
  • Other leather products

Parent company

Aquila store locations

AQUILA main store & manufactory

aquila store locator
  • Block 1 Kaki Bukit Avenue 3 #09-02, KB-1, Singapore 416087
    • Mon-Sat: 2.30pm – 6.00pm (last walk-in 5.30pm)
    • Closed on eve of, and public holidays
  • No prior appointment required but please contact us before coming over as we may have to run errands sometimes:
    • Tel: +65 68444293
    • Fax: +65 68444295
    • Whatsapp: +65 96637673
    • Email:

AQUILA @ Artorial Bespoke Tailoring

aquila store locator
  • 13A Lor Telok, 2nd floor, Singapore 049026
  • Please make appointment at:
    • Call or whatsapp: +65 97922127
  • Aquila products available in-store: Artorial Tailor’s Picks

AQUILA owner and chief designer Keching

International shipping

  • We frequently ship to all major cities in the world, with most products sent to Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, United States and United Kingdom.

How to order our full leather products

Sales process:

  1. Send order or place inquiries with keching at or +65 96637673.
  2. Once all inquiries have been properly addressed and you are ready to confirm purchase, we will request:
    • a bank transfer, paynow to our business account (to be provided)
    • PayPal request (for international orders only)
  3. Most products are made to order and will take up to two weeks to day of postage. For time sensitive orders, eg gifts for birthdays, etc please give us at least two week’s notice as we have to factor in the amount of time mailing takes.
  4. For extremely urgent orders please make arrangements to collect your ready product directly at our factory.

We look forward to receiving you!

2 thoughts on “Contact AQUILA

  1. Hi Sir/Madam,

    Would like to know your full address and contact numbers in Singapore so I can personally visit your shop and have some made-to-order belts.
    Thank you very much

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hiya Harrison, our address is:

      Blk 1 Kaki Bukit Ave 3 #09-02, kb-1, Singapore 416087

      You can contact any of these:
      +65 68444293 (factory)
      +65 96637673 (direct line to Keching)
      email to

      Please contact us before coming over. Thank you.

      Best regards,


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