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Bespoke process in photos

bespoke shoes singapore
bespoke shoes singapore
aquila bespoke shoes
aquila shoe lasts

To customise a pair of Aquila bespoke shoes:

  1. Live chat with Aquila shoe tailors at:
  2. We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat
    • to make an appointment
    • to have your feet drawn and measured at our factory
    • to have your personal shoe last crafted

Dress shoes

Oxford, Derby, Monk Straps, Loafers etc., you name them, we craft them. All Aquila bespoke tier dress shoes are molded to our customers’ feet dimensions. Good year welted.

Black business shoes

Double monk strap shoes

Oxford shoes

Leather sneakers with leather soles

Customise a pair of Aquila sneakers in full leather, complete with handwelted leather soles. Options of handpainted colour, leather or brick (rubber) soles, lace colours available. As per our dress shoes, customers’ sneakers are bespoke to their feet. In other words, clients will each have a pair of shoe last crafted to their feet dimensions, even for sneakers.

  • custom leather sneakers singapore
  • custom leather sneakers singapore


For customisation of Aquila leather boots, we will take measurements of customers’ feet, as well as areas just above the heels and ankles.

Home > Aquila shoes & boots

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