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Gentlemen’s carry bags for everyday items

Despite digitisation, there isn’t a real reduction of everyday carry items. The converse is true, rather, with multiple gadgets of various sizes catered to every manner of business production, as well as for personal indulgences. Adding to the irony, physical documents and basic stationery have not been eliminated. In fact, they remain a necessity of work life.

Carry your essential business items around in evergreen Aquila bags made of full grain leather.

Men’s clutch bags

Hard attaché cases & briefcases

Men’s duffel bags

A4 document dispatch carrier holder

Leather laptop bags & sleeves

Wine Carrier

Customise your own bag

Please feel free to whatsapp or email us designs taken off the internet for quotation. Our address, hours and contact details can be found in “Contact Aquila” at the top or side of this page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Home > mens full grain leather bags

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