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Here are some custom leather sneakers that we made bespoke for one of our customer. Do contact Aquila now to customize a pair of leather sneakers from Aquila Fashion. We will guide you on some of the steps taken to ensure that you get the perfect shoes.

  • Firstly we will do a pair of shoe last, this will be made from wood and is crafted to each customer’s feet to ensure the perfect fit.
  • You can then choose a what colour you would like your shoe to be in, and also the pattern of the patina. Since this process is hand painted, no two will be the same, you will have a truly unique pair of shoes that is only yours.
  • Next you will have the option to choose your lace colour and shape, you can try and match different colours if you are more adventurous.
  • Finally, you can choose between leather soles or rubber soles, each have a very different look and feel to them, so you can try and see which one fits you better.
  • custom leather sneakers singapore
  • custom leather sneakers singapore

Here are some example of how the different soles will look like, our rubber soles are made with high quality Vibram soles which is the industry gold standard. The soles are also goodyear welted, this not only ensure the longevity of the shoes, but you can also easily replace them once they have worn down.

Home > Aquila bespoke shoes > custom leather sneakers Singapore

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