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Timelessness in photos

On “classic” and “timelessness”

Understandably, the fast pace of life demands that one’s ever more expensive devices receive maximum protection, and cost efficiently. However, function is never reason to sacrifice aesthetics, especially when guised under the pretext of “minimalism”.

Meet Aquila’s collection of classic design leather sleeves for laptops and notebooks. The yearn for “classic” is often a subtle cry for slowing amidst speed, of analog and mechanical in an ever-increasing digital world, of imperfect beauty in a society that demands no less than perfection.

And when one looks back in time, in search of a style from the slower past that places a premium on beauty, passion & quality, Aquila’s sleeves are it. Our designs are the definition of Timeless Classic in a sea of brutally efficient formless plastic cushion sleeves.

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Aquila leather notebook sleeves

Home > full grain leather laptop sleeves

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