Altered a Louis Vuitton LV belt from the tail end

Customers coming in with Louis Vuitton LV close end belts often think that shortening the belt from the buckle end is the correct way to shorten such belts.

However, that is the surest way to spoil the belt.

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Please click here for detailed instructions on how to replace your leather belt.

Aquila vintage briefcase Singapore

Looking for where to buy vintage suitcase or vintage briefcase in Singapore? Look no further! Here at Aquila, not only do you get to buy one, but you get a high degree of customization as well. The following are lovely examples of our hand made suitcases and briefcases!

Black vintage suitcase with flower print fabric

To get it out of the way, yes, our Aquila logo stud comes by default but we won’t insist if our customers wish to have a plain surface.

vintage briefcase singapore

Default build:

  • black
  • 16 inch width
  • plain cream fabric
  • no external secure straps
  • no shoulder sling

Customizations available:

  • feel free to request colours
  • width customizable in even number sizes eg 16″, 18″, 20″ etc
  • feel free to request fabric type and we will try our best to source
  • option of external secure straps
  • option of shoulder sling

Build of the above vintage briefcase:

  • black
  • 16 inch width
  • fabric with flower prints for an European feel
  • external secure straps
  • shoulder sling

See below for some customization ideas:

vintage briefcase singapore

This buckle again

Here we gooo-O-O! A buckle retrofitted with a brand new leather belt blank via a buckle attachment group. Let us take a look at the original belt:

black leather belt blanks

The original belt was a PU/leather alternative one, and that is why you see all that peeling. Our customer left our factory happy with a brand new full-grain Italian leather belt blank, re-emphasize: made of leather imported directly from Italy.

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Black leather belt straps for branded buckle with unique pin

The little bull right at the tip of the buckle pin is beautiful. Our customer found us online and came to us wearing this belt looking for a replacement belt strap. It was tattered and torn despite having only been bought barely a year ago.

This leather belt that we sold our customer looks literally the same as the original one that has cracked and is peeling away, but ours is made of full grain leather, no less. No PU, no PVC, no alternatives.

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Popular Aquila macbook case Singapore

Looking for a stylish and timeless laptop case for your Macbook? Look no further! Featured below are all our hand cut, hand dyed, and hand stitched full grain leather laptop cases popular with our customers both in Singapore and overseas!

Model II collection

macbook case singapore

Model V

We’ve got model I, model III and model IV as well but we’ve decided to feature our latest model V in this post! All of our full grain leather macbook cases come in 2D versions, ie completely flat, or come in 3D versions, ie with thickness that allows our macbook owners to put everything ranging from their laptops, tabs and notes in!

macbook case singapore

Work in progress

Here are some work in progress for your viewing pleasure!

macbook case singapore

30mm NO edge stitching, SGD 60.00, red Italian leather belts

This red leather belt sports a slightly more elaborate gold buckle. The buckle looks different with movement, from different angles, due to the layering on the relatively broad buckle, different from the “slim and simple” buckles generally preferred these days. Another fine detail we love about the buckle is the area on the inside where it comes in contact with the leather belt once fastened. The corners of the square are slightly rounded which complements the round external perimeter of the buckle.

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