Altered a Louis Vuitton LV belt from the tail end

Customers coming in with Louis Vuitton LV close end belts often think that shortening the belt from the buckle end is the correct way to shorten such belts.

However, that is the surest way to damage the belt.

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Aquila suede belts

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Gents 25mm width (1 inch)

grey suede belt
brown suede belts
brown suede belts singapore
taupe suede belts
suede belt singapore
brown suede belt

Ladies 20mm width

Ladies 15mm width

To mix & match

3 simple steps:

  1. Take screenshots of the 2 belts for their buckle and strap respectively
  2. Indicate during live chat with our tailors at:
  3. We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat

Custom buckle

Aquila is not your ordinary belt store.

The collection above shortlists popular classic “plain” nickel and gold colour buckles for executive dress.

For the stylish and fashionable, we can customize a buckle in your initials or ethnic characters.

Please tap on banner below to find out more.

custom belt buckle singapore

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Replacement leather belt tailored to J.Lindeberg golf belt buckles

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40mm (1.5 inch) width

j lindeberg belt

White golf belts

custom leather shoes

A photo taken in haste. Original leather belt was a white one, so it’s replaced with our white full grain leather belt.

While some golfers opt for bright colours, white is still pretty much the standard dress for golf sessions, ie white bottoms and shoes.

Two purchase modes

We recommend the following two ways to have your old belt strap replaced fuss free:

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

We ship internationally. Send us photos of your buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

And we will handle the rest.

That’s it for now!

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10% discount off AQUILA® belts!

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Please click here for detailed instructions on how to replace your leather belt.

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