Replacement belt strap



Want to reuse a buckle, be it a solid gold, branded or simply a buckle of sentimental value, but can’t seem to buy a leather belt without buckle? Look no further!

The leather belt is an essential item, but the buckles outlast the leather belt straps in most cases. AQUILA provides replacement leather belt strap services for customers who wish to keep their beloved buckles, replacing their old belts with belts that are made of full-grain leather only.

Some branded belts AQUILA frequently replace belts for

braun buffel belt replacement
ferragamo leather belt strap replacement
gucci leather belt without buckle

Getting started!

Replacing your belt is really an easy task. However, it may not seem like a simple task to a gentleman who has never done it before. But fret not! AQUILA will take you step-by-step in order that your belt will fit not only the length you require, but also the width of your buckle.

Preliminary filter

Most belt straps are attached to the buckle via the following three ways. Please select to begin:

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10 thoughts on “Replacement belt strap

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  1. Hi, I need a replacement belt strap. Can I bring my current belt into your factory to have a replacement belt strap made? What hours are you open on the weekend? Thanks!

    1. Hiya Lili, we open:
      Mon-fri: 11-130, 230-630
      Sat: 230-630

      Please drop us a call at 96637673 or 68444293 before looking us up, not so much as a prior appointment as it just to make sure we’re in cuz sometimes we need to run errands outside :))


    1. Hello Paige,

      It is SGD120.00 for widths up to 35mm. It is SGD150.00 for widths 36mm onwards. You have a choice of any two colours we have on our blog.

      Please feel free to contact me directly at:
      – whatsapp +65 96637673
      – lineID kechingaling

      Best regards,
      Keching : D

  2. Hello there

    Just want to check with you. Do you do wrestling title belt leather?

    Cause I wanna change my title belt strap to be more flexible.

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