Replacement belt strap

Your buckle’s structure

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The three options above more than suffice to assist you in replacing your belt fuss free.

The coming paragraphs are good to know and we welcome you to continue reading. When you reach the end of this page, please return to the top to pick your buckle’s structure to continue.


Want to reuse a buckle, be it a solid gold, branded or simply a buckle of sentimental value, but can’t seem to buy a leather belt without buckle? Look no further!

The leather belt is an essential item, but the buckles outlast the leather belt straps in most cases.

AQUILA provides replacement leather belt strap services for customers who wish to keep their beloved buckles, replacing their old belts with belts that are made of full grain leather only.


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Some branded buckles Aquila frequently services for her customers

  • braun buffel belt replacement
  • ferragamo leather belt strap replacement
  • gucci leather belt without buckle
  • hermes ostrich leather belt
  • loewe leather belt replacement
  • louis vuitton replacement belt strap

All replacement belts in the gallery above are Aquila full grain leather belts.

Getting started!

Replacing your belt is an easy task, really. However, it may be daunting to a gentleman who has never done it before.

But fret not! We will take you step by step in order that your belt will fit not only the length you require, but also the width of your buckle.

Preliminary filter

Most belt straps are attached to the buckle via the following three ways. Please select to begin:

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