Leather belt replacement for branded belt buckle

This is another branded leather belt brought into our factory to have its peeled belt replaced. Our customer chose a pebbled full-grain leather belt to replace the old strap. This is because whatever scratches it sustains will not be visible against the pebbled grains.

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Replacement belt straps for 30mm center bar buckles

replace belt straps

Classic center bar buckle. This is a beautiful slim and sleek buckle. I love how the brand name juts out tastefully from the main frame of the buckle!

As usual, Aquila to the rescue! Customer came in with this buckle. Belt’s spoilt, or was it too short, I can’t remember. Anyhoo, a black quality leather belt strap as the replacement belt strap! Aaaanndd, he wanted to replace belt strap with something that is scratch proof! We ain’t got scratch-proof around here cuz all leather take scratches, but we have a solution, ie our black pebbled full-grain leather! The embossed textured surface conceals all scratches easily!

For our age old trusty inquire and quote via email,  please visit our “Replacement belt strap” page.

We ship internationally.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

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