Full grain leather belts

The following are some examples of full leather belts our customers mix & matched for themselves.

Please follow this link to build your own belt here.

Brown saffiano leather belt! First batch ever!


saffiano leather belt

First brown saffiano leather belt made for a friend! He’s been bugging and bugging and bugging and bugging me for it. And now he’s got it! Our full-grain leather saffiano leather belts are available in black, brown, grey and white!

Code: PR-35012-sBR

35mm Buckle 35012.

SGD 80.00.

Customize your full-grain leather mens belts at www.aquilafashions.com.

Feel free to email keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Ours don’t because they are made of full-grain leather!

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