Full grain leather belts

The following are some examples of full leather belts our customers mix & matched for themselves.

Please follow this link to build your own belt here.

Full grain quality leather belt strap for old Gucci buckle

“Non-black and non-brown colour belts please,” said our customer. After browsing through our swatches of exceptional quality (full-grain leather) excitedly, she chose to customize a reversible mustard-red leather belt to replace the old belt on her Gucci branded belt buckle. Both the red and mustard colour leather are imported from Italy.

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Mens belts Singapore: Red buckle against mustard colour leather belt!

mens belts singapore


Okay, enough of customer built belts for the moment. We would like to bring your attention to what we think is an out of the box, challenges the norm, fashionable, hippie, bohemian etc-whatever-kind-of business belt! Able to think of what colour office wear to wear mens belts, of this colour combination, with?

Code: PR-30901-MD

30mm Buckle 30901.

SGD 50.00.

Customize your full-grain leather mens belts at www.aquilafashions.com.

Feel free to email keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

You can also find us at:

New colour combination for Hermes buckle without belt!


New colour combination for the 32mm Hermes buckle without the leather belt!

Mustard and darkbrown colors.

With the relevant dimensions such as length and width we can tailor the belt exactly to the size you require!

Detailed instructions for purchasing Hermes replacement leather belt straps without buckles can be found:

Feel free to inquire with keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory!

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