1.5 inch leather belt

Behold the 1.5 inch WWE world wrestling entertainment spinning championship belt buckle! My customer walked in with this beautiful buckle seeking to custom make a bespoke leather belt for this beautiful SPINNING buckle! Plain black or brown he said. Nay! I brought out my faux crocodile leather (full-grain leather cow-hide with crocodile print motif) and that was IT. The end product was an absolutely posh and luxurious looking belt!

We ship internationally.

Custom faux ostrich belt anyone? To match custom ostrich leather shoes perhaps?

custom made leather shoes


Customer fell in love with our faux-ostrich leather the moment he saw it! Said he had a pair of custom made leather shoes at home that sport the same brown. Exactly or not we still dunno but he definitely needed to bring this belt back from our Singapore factory!

Code: PR-30009-oBR

30mm Buckle 30009.

SGD 65.00.

Customize your full-grain leather mens belts at www.aquilafashions.com.

Feel free to email keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

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Leather belt without buckle: Tan faux crocodile AX buckle

leather belt without buckle

Customer walks in with an AX buckle looking for a leather belt without buckle for it!

Tan faux crocodile leather belt tailored to the buckle width and required length. The entire package looks better because the buckle colour is gunmetal, instead of the common nickel colour, against the tan mock croc.

Code: PR-cTA

Customized gifts Singapore: custom buckles

customized gifts singapore


Customized mandarin character buckles. Cufflink-buckle set available. English initials or other languages customizable too. Definitely unique customized gifts for the Singapore boyfriend, dad, him!

Solid 925 sterling silver. Available in solid gold too. Easily interchangeable with more than one belt strap, each reversible sporting two colours top and bottom!

Additional leather belt without buckle can always be custom made with us at a future date!

See our portfolio and detailed instructions on customizing your buckle at our Customize a buckle page!

Feel free to inquire with keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory!

Custom leather belts for Hermes buckle: compilation #

hermes belt without buckle

Compilation of some colours used to make replacement leather belt straps for the ‎32mm and 42mm hermes‬ buckle‬!

Featured here are many faux exotic leather like faux crocodile, faux snake skin belly, faux snake skin back, faux ostrich leather etc!

Of course if you’ll prefer plain and smooth black, brown, tan we have them!

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