Aquila oxblood cap toe oxford shoes

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Aquila shoes details:

  • Shoe model: cap toe oxford
  • Shoe colour: oxblood
  • Construction: blake stitch or good year welt
  • Leather content: 100% full grain leather
  • As full grain leather is a natural product, blemishes such as scars, creases, mould and stains are unavoidable.
  • Note on colour: due to digital limitation and screen colour inconsistencies, actual shoe colour may differ from that seen in customers’ device screens.

To order

2 simple steps:

  1. Live chat with our tailors at:
  2. We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat

Looking forward to receiving you : D

Home > Aquila shoes > current page

Aquila custom shoes and matching belt package

A returning customer turned up at our factory in his blue trousers and white shirt, and this time he’s going home with an entire business attire complete with a pair of cap toe oxford shoes and matching belt. Even the buckle (model 30191) was chosen by himself.

Please feel free to contact us to have a pair of shoes and matching belt customized for yourself.

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Proud owner of a pair of Aquila custom made shoes

Photo sent to us by a proud owner of a pair of Aquila custom made shoes complete with patina finish. Our only regret is that while we were able to source for this colour of shoes for our customer, our leather supplier didn’t have any leather that was long enough for a belt. We could have done a three part surcingle belt sewing three short pieces of leather together for our customer, but he decided not to go with it because a surcingle belt is not his style.

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Custom double monkstrap shoes Singapore


Customers can purchase Aquila double monkstrap shoes in their basic designs with basic colours, or they can customize their shoes with us. For example, customers can have two tones or three tones within the same pair of shoes. Customers can also choose to have red lining, red insoles and/or red outsoles for their shoes.

Enjoy our range of custom leather shoes below! We look forward to receiving you at our Singapore showroom!

aquila shoes singaporeaquila shoes singapore

Customised with red leather soles

custom leather shoes singapore custom leather shoes singapore custom made leather shoes singapore custom made leather shoes singapore

30% off matching belt bought with Aquila shoes

We have had so many customers come to us to have a belt made in the exact same colour as shoes bought from elsewhere. Unfortunately, we can’t help them in many cases because we don’t have the leather that were used to make their shoes. Often, our customers settle for less with only a close match.

Save yourself the trouble!

AQUILA offers 30% discount off a matching belt when you purchase a pair of Aquila custom made shoes. The belt is made from the exact same sheet of leather which the shoes are made from, hence it is a perfectly matching set!

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