A very recognizable branded belt: Braun Buffel

Pretty obvious what brand this belt belongs to. You can tell even from afar!

This Braun Buffel belt with the silhouette bull buckle has had its peeling belt replaced by our Italian full grain leather belt.

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This Braun Buffel buckle again!

Here we gooo-O-O! A Braun Buffel buckle retrofitted with a brand new leather belt blank. Let us take a look at the original belt:

black leather belt blanks

The original belt was a PU/leather alternative one, and that is why you see all that peeling. Our customer left our factory happy with a brand new full-grain Italian leather belt blank, re-emphasize: made of leather imported directly from Italy.

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Braun Buffel brown saffiano leather belt blank

One of the rare times when a Braun Buffel customer chose a colour other than black. Even then, this is a formal dark brown saffiano leather belt blank that this customer chose.

Customers need not bring their Braun Buffel buckles over to us at our factory.

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Online replacement for branded belt Braun Buffel

We love the rustic/antique nickel look of this Braun Buffel buckle. For one, it is a buckle on which scratches just blend beautifully in. You won’t even notice major injuries as you would think that it is part of the buckle.

Back to the service provided, the old worn out PU/leather alternative belt was replaced with a brand new AQUILA full grain leather belt blank.

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Replacement leather belt blank for Braun Buffel buckle

One of the more elaborately designed Braun Buffel buckles that found us through the internet seeking a replacement leather belt blank. Unclip, remove old, insert new, clip and taa daaaaa!

Customers need not bring their Braun Buffel buckles over to us at our factory. For instructions on replacing your old leather belt with a brand new one online, please follow these steps:

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Black leather belt straps for Braun Buffel buckle

The little bull right at the tip of the buckle pin is most telling that this is a Braun Buffel branded belt buckle. Okay, no, the words engraved on the metal loop can’t be any more obvious hehe. Our customer found us online and came to us wearing this belt looking for a replacement belt strap. It was tattered and torn despite having only been bought barely a year ago.

This leather belt that we sold our customer looks literally the same as the original one that has cracked and is peeling away, but ours is made of full grain leather, no less. No PU, no PVC, no alternatives.

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Braun Buffel business leather belt blanks

This is the single Braun Buffel buckle model that comes through our doors most frequently. We also frequently mail belts out solely for this buckle model to our customers without seeing the customer nor the buckle. This time round we’ve the opportunity to take a photo of this buckle with a saffiano leather belt blank.

black leather belt blanks

Beyond the worn out belt with the top layer peeling away, the original belt is one that is semi casual, without stitches along the edge.

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Braun Buffel black leather belt blanks

We know what that belt is once we see the bull. Yeps it’s a Braun Buffel that came in through the doors today looking for a black full grain leather belt blank. It is a pretty straight forward operation and all we had to do is to open the clip on the BB buckle, remove the worn out cracked and peeling PU belt, and finally insert the brand new full grain leather, yeps full grain leather, business belt.

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Faux croco leather belt for Braun Buffel buckle!

It’s such a pity. Such a beautiful 1 1/4 inch Braun Buffel buckle (the main frame of the buckle is slightly way-ay-ayy-vvyy). But unfortunately the customer appeared way late into the night when there’s no sun and only a lousy fluorescent light that dimly lights our factory. Meanwhile, CROCO FRENZY with this buckle brought to us by our customer who wanted to reuse this buckle in perfectly fine condition!

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