Full-grain quality leather belt strap for old Gucci buckle

quality leather belt straps singapore

“Non-black and non-brown colour belts please,” said our customer. After browsing through our swatches of exceptional quality (full-grain leather) excitedly, she chose to customize a reversible mustard-red leather belt to replace the old belt on her Gucci branded belt buckle. Both the red and mustard colour leather are imported from Italy.


Replacement belt straps for 1.5 inch Gucci buckle!

replacement belt strap
A Gucci reversible belt came in through the doors today! Two problems, the first being that my customer fastens his belt too tightly, like really alot tighter than is necessary. As a result, it leads to the second problem, ie the Gucci monogram PVC tore around the hole he usually fastens his belt at. A third problem will also arise in the future. The spring in the reversible mechanism of the buckle will lose its twanginess over time as it is unnecessary stretched for long periods of time.

End product: a dark brown-black 1.5 inch reversible full grain leather replacement belt strap!

Here’s another example:

A customer saw our collection of full grain brown saffiano leather belts online and wanted to tailor one for his 40mm Gucci buckle. This time, we saw neither our customer nor the Gucci belt buckle. Discussions went on over whatsapp (+65 96637673 Keching) as we guided him on how to measure the length and width of the old Gucci belt due for replacement. We made the belt and mailed it to him (yes we ship worldwide!). Detailed yet convenient.

The following are photos sent to us by our enthusiastic customer! For some reason, he didn’t fasten the belt properly, ie with the tail inserted into the buckle handle that would cover the screws that is visible in the photo lol. But we can’t ask for more! We appreciate these photos nevertheless!

replace gucci belt


replace gucci belt



Pleased to announce our latest product: monogrammed belt with your own initials! We definitely can’t emboss the Gucci double G but we can emboss using your initials!

Feel free to inquire with keching@aquilafashions.com.sg to replace your 1.5 inch leather belt strap or drop by our factory! We ship internationally.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

You can also find us at:

Replacement belts for two men’s skinny belt buckles

replacement belt straps

At 20mm and 25mm (left to right), these two skinny belts belong to a gentleman! I asked him who they were for, thinking they’re for his girlfriend but nope! They are HIS belts! Skinny belts are in again! Forever! Never out of fashion!

Belt on the left, 20mm belt, Code IS-20-BL

SGD 25.00 – SGD 30.00

Belt on the right, 25mm belt, Code IS-25-BL

SGD30.00 (ladies and gents size)

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Feel free to browse our buckles catalogue for skinny belt buckles! We make men’s skinny belts too!

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