Harley Davidson belt buckle lighter!

harley davidson belt buckle lighter


First branded belt for guys featuring a lighter-in-buckle in a long time!

Our customer was looking online for a replacement belt strap for a Harley Davidson‬ belt buckle lighter and he found us!

The gold surface originally spanned the entire buckle. However, my customer wanted to feature the buckle only, literally. So he wrapped the rest of the buckle in black full-grain leather all by himself!

Black Italian full-grain leather belt tailored to the buckle width and required length.

Code: IS-BL

Please look at our detailed instructions for purchasing replacement leather belt straps without buckles at our replace leather belt strap page.

Feel free to inquire with keching@aquilafashions.com.sg or drop by our factory!

Post: replacement belt strap Harley Davidson buckle

replacement belt straps
Harley Davidson buckle reused

Harley Davidson! Look at the details not just in front but at the back of the buckle too! Replacement belt strap SGD 50.00.

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