Braun Buffel brown saffiano leather belt blank

full grain leather belt blanks

One of the rare times when a Braun Buffel customer chose a colour other than black. Even then, this is a formal dark brown saffiano leather belt blank that this customer chose.

Customers need not bring their Braun Buffel buckles over to us at our factory. For instructions on replacing your old leather belt with a brand new one online, please follow these steps:

  1. go to
  2. under category “Replacement straps”, click on sub-category “For clip buckles & bare buckles
  3. browse and click on the desired colour and design. (The belt featured in this post is the Dark Brown Saffiano.) 
  4. Follow the instructions for length, width etc.

We ship internationally. 


Brown saffiano leather belt! First batch ever!


saffiano leather belt

First brown saffiano leather belt made for a friend! He’s been bugging and bugging and bugging and bugging me for it. And now he’s got it! Our full-grain leather saffiano leather belts are available in black, brown, grey and white!

Code: PR-35012-sBR

35mm Buckle 35012.

SGD 80.00.

Customize your full-grain leather mens belts at

Feel free to email or drop by our factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Ours don’t because they are made of full-grain leather!

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