Altered a Louis Vuitton LV belt from the tail end

Customers coming in with Louis Vuitton LV close end belts often think that shortening the belt from the buckle end is the correct way to shorten such belts.

However, that is the surest way to spoil the belt.

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Shortened a Burberry belt for a customer

We had to cut open the stitches original stitches on the Burberry belt before we are able to cut it shorter. Next we punch out the opening for the buckle pin and finally stitch up the belt again.

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Shortened a black Burberry saffiano leather belt!

Alongside the previous post about the shortened brown Burberry saffiano leather belt, this black one was shortened too! Same brand, same saffiano leather, same buckle design, same length! Come to us if you need belt alteration services!

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Post: Prada belt going under the knife

EXCLUSIVE! The “operating theatre” at AQUILA sees these genuine leather belt shortening “surgeries” on a regular basis.

We’re aware that height lengthening exists for vertically challenged humans desperate to make themselves taller. The world of genuine leather belts, however, sees the opposite. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, belt shortening is in vogue.

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