Shortened a black Burberry saffiano leather belt!

saffiano leather belt


Alongside the previous post about the shortened brown Burberry saffiano leather belt, this black one was shortened too! Same brand, same saffiano leather, same buckle design, same length! Come to us if you need belt alteration services!


Belt shortening for Burberry brown saffiano leather belt!

saffiano leather belt


Helped a customer to shorten his brown Burberry saffiano leather belt today! Not every day you see a really pointy end but yeah, it looks pretty good! That buckle too!

Announcement: Important notice by Aquila Fashions

To all our cherished customers,

Aquila Fashions is proud to announce that we will be launching our ecommerce site at in time to come. As such we will retain the current blog at this domain:

where the latest informal news and updates can be found before appearing as official releases on our main site.

We look forward to continue serving you both at our blog here and at our soon-to-be-launched ecommerce site.

Yours sincerely,

Post: Going under the knife

Warning: Parental guidance is advised.

genuine leather belts

genuine leather belts

EXCLUSIVE! The “operating theatre” at Aquila Fashions sees these genuine leather belt shortening “surgeries” on a regular basis.

We’re aware that height lengthening exists for vertically challenged humans desperate to make themselves taller. The world of genuine leather belts, however, sees the opposite. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, belt shortening is in vogue.

Belt arrivals at our factory that have been marked for this procedure undergo the harsh scrutiny of our discerning eyes, before being fixed to the right length, as seen above.

A cut and a snip for the perfect fit. To us, that’s hardly considered taboo.

Fresh from the workshop: Belt shortening!

Got your eyes set on a genuine leather belt that’s, unfortunately, a tad too long to be worn? Waist (pun intended : P) no more time – just come to us and we’ll sort your precious leather belt out for you!

Belt shortening is one of the services we’re proud to offer, and we were pleased to have done that for these three beautiful full-grain leather belts earlier this week. Come check out the results for yourself!

genuine leather belts

genuine leather belts

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