Build your own belt (byob)

Peeling and cracking within an incredulously short span of time are signs of fake leather.


Before building your own belt, perhaps you would like to consider the following timeless business belt designs first?

FUSS FREE timeless business belt designs

For simple selection choice please refer to above. For many many many many many more options please continue below.

To begin

We assume that you have seen our classic belts above for simple purchase and would like to see more! The following are four simple steps to building your own belt!

PS: If your “leather” belt spoils, peels or cracks easily soon after you purchased the belt, you may not be wearing a full-grain leather belt. Click here to understand why some belts spoil so easily even though they may be branded.

where to buy belts in singapore

Step 1: Choose Buckle

Click to here to view our buckle catalogue.

Step 2: Choose a Belt Strap

Select from range of belts below:

Black leather belts

Brown leather belts

Tan leather belts

Other colours

Step 3: Indicate the length you require

The length to purchase is best based on the length of the belt you currently use. Please ensure that the old belt you are measuring is not one that you have not used in years and that may be too short for you now. Measure the length of your current leather belt from the tip of the buckle to the hole that you use most often, as shown in the diagram. It does not matter if that hole is the hole in the center or not. The rationale is to measure the actual length that you wear.

genuine leather belts

Step 4: Place Order

Please place your order with Keching via:

  • his email at, or
  • his mobile at +65 96637673

And you’re done!

What to expect

  1. Send order or place enquiries with keching at or +65 96637673.
  2. Once all inquiries have been properly addressed and you are ready to confirm purchase, we will send you our bank account to have the purchase payment made in full.
  3. Most products are made to order and will take up to two weeks to day of postage. For time sensitive orders, eg gifts for birthdays, etc please give us at least two week’s notice as we have to factor in the amount of time mailing takes.
  4. For extremely urgent orders please make arrangements to collect your ready product directly at our factory.

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