Hand Patina Leather Belts

At Aquila, not only are we able to do the basic business belt, we are also able to do a hand painted patina belt that would match a dress shoe with patina. Take a look at some of our hand painted patina belts below.

As mentioned before, we are able to customize the color of your belt to match the color of your shoe. Below is an example of when one of our customer wanted a matching belt from us to match his existing shoes, he sent us a picture of his shoes and we got our craftsman to work their magic to match his belt to the color of his shoes.

If you do not have an existing pair of shoes that you can match your belt to, have no worries since Aquila is also able to make shoes for you as well. Therefore we are able to do a matching set of shoes and belt for you, you can just choose the color that you would like, or show us a picture of the stuff that you like and we will try and match it as best as possible.

If you are not looking for elaborate dress belt, run of the mill general tan and brown belts are also available for simple colour matching.

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