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Two purchase modes

1. Walk-in

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2. Online purchase

The ONE thing customers need to do is to send us photos of their buckle and belt, and we will handle the rest. Please send to either of the following:

  • Email:
  • WhatsApp: +65 96637673
  • Line: kechingaling

We will contact you upon receiving your photos.

That’s it for now!


As mentioned, all customers need to do is to choose between the two modes of purchase above.

Information beyond this point are good to know but unnecessary and customers are welcome to continue reading.

Enjoy : D

Is your belt a close end belt?

If you recognise any of the following, you have a close end buckle that requires its respective type of replacement belt.

Swipe left and right

  • hermes crocodile belt singapore
  • louis vuitton replacement belt strap
  • loewe leather belt replacement
  • hermes ostrich leather belt
  • loewe replacement leather belt
  • hermes crocodile leather belt singapore
  • hermes alligator belt

The step-by-step instructions

There are no hard and fast rules, so please do not worry about mistakes. We will clarify with you all details before confirmation of order via payment is made.

Copy and paste

We require the following 5 details. For your convenience, copy and paste the following in our inquiry form below, in your email or whatsapp message:

Step 1: I have a close end buckle (no action needed by customers)

Step 2: width: indicate (round figure up to nearest millimetre)

Step 3: colour and model: indicate

Step 4: length: L = ? / L1 = ? (fill in accordingly)

Step 5: other information: indicate

Please continue scrolling for detailed explanation of the 5 steps.

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Some more examples

We have hundreds of examples of colours and textures of replacement belts our customers have decided for themselves, far more than we can possibly share in a single page.

Swipe left and right

  • hermes belt without buckle
  • hermes belt without buckle
  • leather belt straps without buckle
  • hermes belt without buckle
  • hermes belt without buckle

Follow this link to see our customers’ creativity!

We look forward to receiving you!

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