Hermes & Goh!


Long story short!

– customer ordered three reversible belts for his 42mm Hermes buckle. And he customized a

“Goh” buckle to use with the same three belts! So that makes it an interchangeable belts-buckles

set of two buckles and three belts! 6 colours in total!

With the relevant dimensions such as length and width we can tailor the belt exactly to the size you require!

Please follow the instructions here!

View our specially tailored full-grain genuine leather belts for Hermes buckles in our portfolio!

Goh surname buckle!


Finally arrived! The one on the right is the correct size that my customer needs!

#Personalized chinese surname “Goh” buckle. #Diamond and #sapphirestudded.

One Goh buckle, one #Hermes buckle, both to be interchangeably used with three #customized 42mm width reversible belts.

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1 gentleman, 12 buckles!!


One German gentleman, twelve buckles!

Replacement belt straps to reuse buckles. It wasn’t an easy task as not all buckles

were the simple slot and clip kind. There were another 3 buckle structures that

required time and specialized work. Thank goodness we told him to leave first!


Replace 1.5 inch leather belt strap: Ram

1.5 inch leather belt no buckle

One of my favourite buckles. EVER. Forget grumpy cat.

Retrofitted with a new 1.5 inch leather replacement belt. Leather belt strap done to an Hermes style closed end belt instead of the usual open end style done for western buckles. Flipside of the full-grain leather belt is a dark burgundy colour that can be used too!.

Feel free to inquire with or drop by our factory!

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