Online replacement for branded belt buckle

We love the rustic/antique nickel look of this plaque buckle. For one, it is a buckle on which scratches just blend beautifully in. You won’t even notice major injuries as you would think that it is part of the buckle.

Back to the service provided, the old worn out PU/leather alternative belt was replaced with a brand new AQUILA full grain leather belt blank.

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This buckle again

Here we gooo-O-O! A buckle retrofitted with a brand new leather belt blank via a buckle attachment group. Let us take a look at the original belt:

black leather belt blanks

The original belt was a PU/leather alternative one, and that is why you see all that peeling. Our customer left our factory happy with a brand new full-grain Italian leather belt blank, re-emphasize: made of leather imported directly from Italy.

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Black leather belt straps for branded buckle with unique pin

The little bull right at the tip of the buckle pin is beautiful. Our customer found us online and came to us wearing this belt looking for a replacement belt strap. It was tattered and torn despite having only been bought barely a year ago.

This leather belt that we sold our customer looks literally the same as the original one that has cracked and is peeling away, but ours is made of full grain leather, no less. No PU, no PVC, no alternatives.

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