Custom leather shoes need a matching belt! Bally bespoke shoes!

custom leather shoes singapore

There there there! Photo sent to me (who’s in Singapore hehe), by my Belgian customer, of his bespoke faux crocodile leather shoes! Custom made in Belgium! Naturally the custom leather belt he made with me would be one of faux crocodile too! Not just that, the custom made belt is for his 42mm Hermes buckle! Killing two birds with one stone! Photos of his belt will be inserted into this post as soon as we’ve got the time to edit and upload the photos!

Feel free to email or drop by our Singapore factory! Please call +65 68444293 to check that we are in.

1.5 inch leather belt straps: double pin buckle!

mens 1.5 inch leather belt

So full of myself! 10 holes all hand punched. My goodness, such precision required! This double pin buckle is to be used for golf and he needed a nice blue belt strap to go with his usual golfing outfit and yes SHOES! Is it a pair of custom leather shoes as usual? Nah don’t think so. For golf, he said already. Hehe. Unless folks bespoke custom made shoes for golf, do they?

Please look at our detailed instructions for purchasing replacement belt straps without buckles at our replace 1.5 inch leather belt strap page.

Feel free to inquire with or drop by our factory!

PS: Off the rack “leather” belts peel after a short while. Find out why ours don’t, over here!

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1.5 inch leather belt

Behold the 1.5 inch WWE world wrestling entertainment spinning championship belt buckle! My customer walked in with this beautiful buckle seeking to custom make a bespoke leather belt for this beautiful SPINNING buckle! Plain black or brown he said. Nay! I brought out my faux crocodile leather (full-grain leather cow-hide with crocodile print motif) and that was IT. The end product was an absolutely posh and luxurious looking belt!

We ship internationally.

Harley Davidson belt buckle lighter!

harley davidson belt buckle lighter


First branded belt for guys featuring a lighter-in-buckle in a long time!

Our customer was looking online for a replacement belt strap for a Harley Davidson‬ belt buckle lighter and he found us!

The gold surface originally spanned the entire buckle. However, my customer wanted to feature the buckle only, literally. So he wrapped the rest of the buckle in black full-grain leather all by himself!

Black Italian full-grain leather belt tailored to the buckle width and required length.

Code: IS-BL

Please look at our detailed instructions for purchasing replacement leather belt straps without buckles at our replace leather belt strap page.

Feel free to inquire with or drop by our factory!

Unintended belt! Originally for rattan bag!


belt for men

Unintended buckle/leather belt strap combination! Originally meant as leather bag straps for a rattan bag! But would look equally fantastic on jeans!

40mm 12oz vegetable tanned leather belt. Buckle 40345 with weathered antique brass finish.


Code: SL-40310et-NT

Post: Replacement belt strap for jade buckle

replacement belt strap
Replacement belt strap for Jade Buckle

Jade buckle!

Immense stress the entire afternoon. Drop it and “piak!” that’s it. Wish I had the luxury to take a better pic of the jade bat though.

To custom make a new belt strap for your buckle, please refer to “Replace belt strap” in the menu on the left.

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