Replacement belt straps tailored to customers’ Dunhill buckles

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The following is but a fraction of Dunhill buckles that we at Aquila have replaced belts for, for our customers, many of which are the ubiquitous gold round buckle.

Two purchase modes

1. Walk-in

aquila store locations

2. Online purchase

The ONE thing customers need to do is to send us photos of their buckle and belt via live chat with our tailors at:

We will handle the rest and guide you through in live chat.

That’s it for now!

Stylish and timeless business buckle retrofitted with our smooth calfskin leather belt strap.

Our customers need not stick to black leather mens belts, but I guess these belts only fulfill one purpose, ie as business belts.

We had such a fine Dunhill buckle entering our workshop, after our customer found us online, that we just have to share with our readers.

This buckle which is made of two distinctive gold rings belongs to a towkay customer.

And while the replacement belt was being worked on on the table by our tailors, two different customers offered to buy this buckle.

Furthermore, it may be least two decades old but the gold portions remain untarnished. That is quality. Its timeless feel also means that it does not look out of place in today’s world.

Given the volume of buckles we encounter on a regular basis, we certainly know how to spot a keeper when we see one.

Home > replacement belt straps > current page

One real one counterfeit can you tell? Hint: look out for the discolouration down the center of the “d”.

We have ever seen Dunhill logo buckles of the same design made of solid gold.

Old belt strap replaced with Aquila’s double calf closed end replacement belt strap. Black calf leather top, black calf leather underside.

Belt specs:

Specially tailored to 28mm width and is only 3mm thick. Otherwise, the belt simply can’t fit into the buckle.

Another customer brought us the round buckle. While it usually sports a black leather belt strap, my customer decided on our Italian tan saddle leather belt to match his tan colour custom made leather shoes.

We look forward to receiving you. Please contact us via live chat at the contact details stated right at the top of this page.

Home > replacement belt straps > current page

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